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Class Descriptions


New York City Graffiti Style Master KEO X-MEN in association with The Urban Folk Art Studios offer, for the first time, instruction in New York City Graffiti Style Writing. 


Introduction to Graffiti and Street Art:

Younger students can learn the basics of hand lettering and murals under the supervision of an experienced instructor. This eight week program offers kids an understanding of the history and theory of New York City Subway Style Writing, as well as an introduction to type, lettering, calligraphy, color theory, basic design and composition. Students will become adept at working neatly with a variety of media, beginning with pencil and paper, then pen and ink, colored markers, stencil techniques, and eventually graduating to painting a full scale mural. Over the course of the semester, students develop skills that are applicable in all areas of design and commercial arts. The class will feature intensive workshops, special guest lecturers, and field trips to visit street-art locations and exhibitions throughout New York City. Students will learn how graffiti styles have influenced advertising, skateboard and apparel graphics, album cover art, and logo design. 

For ages 8 thru 80

Advanced Graffiti and Street Art:

An eight week course offered to students of any age who already possess a basic understanding of and proficiency in Graffiti Art techniques ( acceptance subject to instructor review ) Students will develop handstyles using a variety of markers as well as spray paint. The class will study the evolution of the basic handstyle signature into the simple legible piece, learn color theory, drop shadow and 3-D techniques, the proper use of backgrounds, clouds, and characters to complement and accentuate the piece, eventually developing more complex wildstyle lettering. Students will develop a signature style from the sketch all the way through to a finished, spray painted wall mural. Along the way students will gain an advanced understanding of the history, theory, and philosophy of New York City Subway Style Writing and its influence on popular culture and modern design.

For ages 11 and up, ( acceptance subject to instructor review )