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" KEO brings incredible talent, passion, commitment, and more than thirty years of experience to the classroom. He is not only a master of style, an expert on letterforms, and a walking repository of NYC art history, but a warm and gregarious teacher deeply skilled at conveying all that he knows. I've seen him dazzle graduate students and five-year-olds alike – my students and my daughter included. "

 - Adam Mansbach, NYT Best-Selling Author of “Go The F*ck To Sleep” and Professor at Rutgers University


“As Library Director, I had the wonderful opportunity to develop an Urban Arts program for adolescents at Wyandanch Public Library who were interested in learning the fundamentals of Visual Arts with noted artist Blake “KEO” Lethem. KEO was very patient, steadfast, and pragmatic in his approach in introducing the students to art. He possesses great interpersonal communication skills and a wealth of experience as an illustrator which allowed participants to feel comfortable and safe in the library environment. He really cares about our children and their future and he uses arts as a means to help the students to project, visualize, and focus the imagination to create a reality of their own. Mr. Lethem is a great human being who unconditionally cares about people. I take great pleasure working with Mr. Lethem.”

 - Timur A. Davis, Library Director Orange Public Library